Thematic Issues of the FoO Newsletter

This is the page where we will list the periodic issues of The Future of Occupy newsletter, each of which will be dedicated to a particular aspect of the movement’s future.

Our aim is not to produce a uniform perspective on the future of the movement, but to present the diversity of existing views. With this newsletter, as with our blogs, we provide a platform of participation and collaboration for enhancing the capacity of the movement to learn from the future as it unfolds. We want to identify the emergent themes that arise from the collective intelligence of the General Assemblies, online exchanges, and the whole Occupy ecosystem. We focus on topics that emerge from our shared sense of what question could help the most in articulating the movement’s next steps.

If our work resonates with you, bring your talents and energy to it, by commenting on and spreading the word about it. We invite you to truly occupy the Future of Occupy and help us make this an authentic, representative expression of our movement! Help us fulfill our mission:

“To serve the self-organizing collective consciousness, intelligence and wisdom of Occupy, and the co-creativity of Occupy-ers everywhere.”

We are excited to introduce the first thematic issue of the newsletter:

The Future of Assemblies

Issue #1, January 2012

When many of the camps are evicted or face eviction, continuing the General Assemblies anyway, seems more important than ever, hence the focus of our January issue is ‘The Future of Assemblies‘. Read it here.

Focus on Working Groups

Issue #2, February 2012

Our February issue, the ‘Focus on Working Groups’ presents you with a number of blogs and essays highlighting exciting strategic ideas, specific proposals, and LOTS MORE bubbling up from the WGs. Read it here.


  1. The Future of Assemblies | The Future of Occupy - December 27, 2011

    […] The Future of Assemblies You can find our January 2012 release here: ‘The Future of Assemblies’. When many of the camps are evicted or face eviction, continuing the General Assemblies anyway, in one or another, seems more important than ever. Hence the focus of the first issue. We hope you will enjoy reading, commenting on and sharing it. You’re invited to get involved with this open, collaborative, and ongoing project serving the Occupy movement. Read also about why we’ve started it, here. […]

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