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What Dreams May Come?… May Day and Beyond

As a biologist and commons activist, and an avid meditator with a universalist bent, i always look forward to the Spring Festivals, Holidays, and Holy Days of celebration and renewal.  I tend to think of April (Passover – Earth Day – Easter), May (Beltane – International Workers Day – The Buddhist Festival of Wesak) and […]

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The Future of Occupy: From Occupying People’s Park to Changing the System

This piece is from Jackie Smith and Bob Glidden (Occupy Pittsburgh Outreach Working Group) The closing of Occupy camps around the country has generated some important soul-searching and strategizing by activists, and in Pittsburgh feelings are divided. On the one hand, many of the camp residents are deeply saddened by the loss of their home […]

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Occupy, the World Social Forum and the Commons… social movements learning from each other

The World Social Forum has been around since 2001, and with their rallying call “Another World is Possible”, they share much in common with the system critiques emerging out of the Occupy and Commons Movements. When Occupy burst forth in the U.S. this past Fall, hot on the heels of the Arab Spring and uprisings in Spain, […]

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