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Can Occupy occupy strategy?

A strategy for and by the people?  For the last couple of months I have joined in a variety of peaceful protests, celebrations and collaborative enterprises along with millions of other Occupiers rising up across the globe to usher in a new world. Passers by, media analysts and pundits, invariably asked us what was this […]

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Is Occupy leaderless or leaderful: insights from Working Groups

Since the birth of the Occupy movement, there have been lively discussions about the meaning of leadership and how the movement can be successful without leaders or a leading idea. Occupy stands for different things for different people. For me it stands for us all stepping up to become and act as leaders in a […]

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The Imperative of Movement Sense-Making

In its raw energetic sense The Future of Occupy is a creative outcome that continues to unfold in the daily life of the global Occupy Movement, from moment to moment. For a couple of months now, in the aftermath of the original mid-October explosion of Occupy camps all over the world both Occupy-ers and onlooking […]

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