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Workshops in Attention Training for Social Change

This is a training adapted for the needs of social change in the 21st century. It looks at how we hold this space we call “we” and how we can function more effectively in it. by Anna Betz & Andy Paice Up until quite recently little attention has been given to awareness itself in the […]

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Real democracy is rising on the horizon at Occupy London

The temperature was cold yet the air was hot last Friday, at the General Assembly of Occupy London at St.Paul’s. It was hot of our enthusiasm, as we were listening,  with frequently “sparkling fingers,”  to Mark from the “state, real democracy and people’s assemblies” sub-group of the GA’s National Politics Working Group. Mark presented a statement prepared by […]

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All People are Organic Intellectuals: the role of socially conceived theory in transformation

“Antonio Gramsci, writing in early 20th century Italy, argued that all people are intellectuals and philosophers. ‘Organic intellectuals’ is how he terms people who take their local knowledge from life experiences, and use that knowledge to address changes and problems in society.” from Participatory action research – Wikipedia Gramsci’s concept of “organic intellectual” resonates with the […]

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