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Chomsky to Occupy: come back bigger, better, and with much more of the 99%

The original of this post appeared in the Portland Phoenix, under the title: Chomsky to Occupy: move to the next stage. The current title was expressed by Adam Jung, an Occupy London supporter. Noam Chomsky has advice for the Occupy movement, whose encampments all over the country are being swept away by police. The occupations were […]

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Occupy 2.0! – Take Back The Commons!

The origin of this post appeared on the Democractic Underground message board, under the title “Saturday December 17th Occupy 2.0! Take Back The Commons!“ Taking back the commons is exactly what occupying stands for. It goes far deeper than corporate personhood or the corruption of politics by money.The country belongs to its people. The world belongs […]

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The Future of the Occupy Movement

Re-published from Truth-out.org, Tuesday 6 December 2011. by: Jules Lobel, Jurist | Op-Ed Jurist Guest Columnist Jules Lobel of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law says that if the Occupy Movement can create organizational forms that combine its democratic, egalitarian origins with ongoing direct action, a narrative of solidarity, equality and democracy over the long term, […]

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