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Civic Distress Calls for Deep Deliberations and the Commons

Here in the U.S., many are already sick to death of the Presidential campaign.  Sadly, our national politics boil down to not much more than lining-up favors and cash for the next election.  The only thing good about the whole spiel is the comedy routines… but one cannot survive on comedy alone. The United States […]

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Model Community Bill of Rights Template for Occupy Communities

Prepared by Jeff Reifman, Envision Seattle and Thomas Linzey, Esq. What is this document? We’re offering the model Community Bill of Rights template below for Occupy communities that wish to begin mobilized initiative campaigns in their region. Think of the template as a menu to pick and choose what’s important in your community. It’s meant to provide a framework and a […]

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Pittsburgh Challenges Corporate Personhood: Bill of Rights Template for Occupy

Jeff Reifman, Envision Seattle and Thomas Linzey, Esq of Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) recently posted a major message to the Occupy movement, both a warning and a challenge… “Mainstream progressive groups have failed by constraining their activities within legal and regulatory systems purposefully structured to subordinate communities to corporate power. Real movements don’t operate that way. Abolitionists never sought to regulate […]

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