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The Empowerment Manual: A Guide for Collaborative Groups

It happens over and over again—a group of people come together, fired up with passion to create change. They begin with huge inspiration and enthusiasm—and a year later, it’s all foundered in the mire of conflict. We could have changed the world ten times over—if we didn’t have to do it together with other people, […]

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Real democracy is rising on the horizon at Occupy London

The temperature was cold yet the air was hot last Friday, at the General Assembly of Occupy London at St.Paul’s. It was hot of our enthusiasm, as we were listening,  with frequently “sparkling fingers,”  to Mark from the “state, real democracy and people’s assemblies” sub-group of the GA’s National Politics Working Group. Mark presented a statement prepared by […]

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How Occupy innovates and gives new meaning to “Mass Communication”

The notes below are from Occupy the Conversation, by Carla Kimball. Emphasis in bold and our comments in italics are added. • It’s an incredible example of self-organization. There are no identified leaders. Anyone who wants to speak is given a chance. This is confusing and messy for the media wanting sound-bites because it becomes so hard to […]

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