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Under Assemblies what might national, European and global governance look like?

This article was sent us by Mark N. Barrett, a long-time democracy campaigner, and supporter of Occupy London. Asking this question raises profound questions about sovereignty, representation and justice. In an age characterised by the sovereignty of the nation-state, since the Treaty of Westphalia, globalisation has brought about the rise of the new, unaccountable king, […]

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General Assemblies: the primordial soup of social life in the 3rd millennium

—   an essay about evolutionary dynamics and the Occupy movement — Part One   1. How life assembled itself   The origins of life Where were you and I, and what did we do, 3.5 billion years ago? Most likely, swimming in one of the Earth’s before-life oceans, close to the shoreline, as self-replicating but […]

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For the 99% – The NEW COMMON SENSE – Must distribute FAST!

This new document has surfaced and is now being supported by many in and outside the Occupy movement. It is called “The New Common Sense”: a declaration to force leaders to do their jobs and uphold the Constitution, this is an amazing document, a MUST read. This is a reasonably lengthy document so we have […]

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