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European Charter of the Commons

“A true commonwealth of Europe is possible only by means of constitutional safeguards of the commons through a direct participatory process.” ~ article 6 of the European Charter of the Commons, one part of a larger drafting of a European Charter of the Commons. This both a template and project worth supporting, for and by […]

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For the 99% – The NEW COMMON SENSE – Must distribute FAST!

This new document has surfaced and is now being supported by many in and outside the Occupy movement. It is called “The New Common Sense”: a declaration to force leaders to do their jobs and uphold the Constitution, this is an amazing document, a MUST read. This is a reasonably lengthy document so we have […]

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Constitutional Amendment for Direct Democracy in the USA

Nov 13th Max Keiser interviewed Senator Mike Gravel, founder of the National Initiative for Democracy (NI4D) which seeks, by direct decree, to give full effect in law to “We the People”. [Emphasis is added]: NI4D is a proposed Constitutional Amendment (Democracy Amendment) which recognizes the people’s right to make laws at the local, state and […]

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