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Co-Governing Our Commons: Local to Global Decision-Making throughPublic Deliberation

Using Public Deliberation: Co-governing the Commons By Jan Inglis   Commons: gifts of nature & society; wealth we inherit or create together and must pass on, undiminished or enhanced, to our children; e.g. water, oceans, culture, technology, seeds etc Public Deliberation: a process for reaching agreements by deeply considering the costs, consequences, and trade offs […]

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Social Charters: A comprehensive program for (re)claiming sovereignty over our natural and social commons resources

Social Charters:  Praxis of the Commons By James Bernard Quilligan, Commons Economist & Advocate                 Beyond the Market State There are two operating systems involved in the provision and allocation of goods and services in modern society. Each has familiar roots in history. Adam Smith’s legacy is that the […]

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Sage Advice for Occupy? from Nobel winner Elinor Ostrom

Dr. Elinor Ostrom, 2009 Nobel Prize Winner in Economics for her 30+ years of research and study of commons* management, is joined by many other commons supporters in saying that the “tragedy of the commons” is that of the unmanaged or unsuccessfully managed commons.  What we have now is an entire paradigm managed for the […]

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