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A Movement Without Demands?

Re-published from possible-futures.org, Tuesday 3 January 2012. By Marco Deseriis and Jodi Dean The question of demands infused the initial weeks and months of Occupy Wall Street with the endless opening of desire. Nearly unbearable, the absence of demands concentrated interest, fear, expectation, and hope in the movement. What did they want? What could they want? Commentators have […]

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The commons and real democracy

Excerpts from “What to expect in 2012,” by Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri On the economic terrain we need to discover new social technologies for freely producing in common and for equitably distributing shared wealth. How can our productive energies and desires be engaged and increased in an economy not founded on private property? How […]

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Occupy the Commons

The blogpost below was first published in the Community Knowledge Garden of the School of Commoning, under the title “Occupy the Commons — an invitation.” “In considering the essential problem of how to produce and distribute material wealth, virtually all of the great economists in Western history have ignored the significance of the commons — the shared resources of […]

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