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A Commons-inspired “Occupy theory” of collective action

Back to workshop Homepage This thread is part of the online component of the Occupy-Commons strategy conversation at the OWS Forum on the Commons in New York, February 16-18, 2012 described here. Theory making (in Appreciative Inquiry) “refers to a theory of intentional collective action, designed to evolve the vision and will of a group, organization, or society as a whole. […]

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Occupy as a new societal model & ways to improve it

This document by the author Alpha Lo, has been created under a creative commons license from the original posted on 31st October 2011, at http://www.shareable.net/blog/occupy-as-new-societal-model-ways-to-improve-it General Assembly (photo by Caroline Schiff)  One of the compelling attractions of Occupy is that it is modelling a possible socio-economic-political paradigm for how society can run. It is a model the whole […]

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All People are Organic Intellectuals: the role of socially conceived theory in transformation

“Antonio Gramsci, writing in early 20th century Italy, argued that all people are intellectuals and philosophers. ‘Organic intellectuals’ is how he terms people who take their local knowledge from life experiences, and use that knowledge to address changes and problems in society.” from Participatory action research – Wikipedia Gramsci’s concept of “organic intellectual” resonates with the […]

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