What Dreams May Come?… May Day and Beyond

As a biologist and commons activist, and an avid meditator with a universalist bent, i always look forward to the Spring Festivals, Holidays, and Holy Days of celebration and renewal.  I tend to think of April (Passover – Earth Day – Easter), May (BeltaneInternational Workers DayThe Buddhist Festival of Wesak) and June (The Great Journey of Muhammad – Solstice – World Invocation Day) as a time of spiritual reinvigoration on the planet.

Much as Hindus see divinity in a multitude of forms, and Taoists in all paths, i hold the dream that someday a critical mass of humanity will treat the Earth and all her children — minerals, plants, animals, humans… including all Earth’s systems and cultures — as treasured spiritual teachers.  We will then begin to appreciate what it means to have unity in diversity, interconnected global citizens.

Stop Tar Sands: A Carbon Bomb equal in destructive power to an atomic bomb

So when i received these creative messages of upcoming action from a fellow Earth Activist, i felt moved to share it … he astutely perceives that there will be myriad paths towards building the comprehensive global movement for justice and sustainability that many of us wish to foster.

His writing from Down Under helps us to honor yet another perspective (and seasonal cycle!), and he celebrates the fact that we will have many approaches to address our global crises.  I wrote from a similar angle recently about the varied and complementary means for system shift of the World Social Forum, Occupy and the Commons Movement.

My friend, Derek, gives an overview of the major happenings across movements: Occupy (May 1-12), the Climate Impacts Day (May 5), and the Freedom Train of the First Nations (April 28-May 9) drawing attention to the tragedy he has dedicated his life to stopping — the exploitation of the Canadian Tar Sands (ISTSD, May 5).  The Tar Sands development is considered by many to be an international crime of Ecoside.

Derek and his partner Cheree have spared no effort, and like so many young people i have met in Occupy and other environmental and social movements of today, they have dedicated their lives to transitioning this broken global system towards one of greater justice, sustainability and unity.  Who knows what dreams May come of these high aspirations and earnest efforts, but one thing is sure, all can contribute to this global transformation…  And i’m betting it will be bigger than anyone imagines!

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6 Comments on “What Dreams May Come?… May Day and Beyond”

  1. April 29, 2012 at 12:34 am #

    The more thought I’ve given to the matter of the “Canadian Tar-Sands/Keystone XL Pipeline,” the more I’ve thought that instead of just “fighting AGAINST the use of the tarsands, we need to “fight FOR a ‘Solar Manhattan Project” in the U.S.’ In the 1940’s the U.S. made a ‘commitment’ to completing development of and deploying an atom bomb. Because a “commitment” in the truest sense of the word was MADE, the ‘mission’ was accomplished. It was done in answer to a peceived CRISIS at the time.

    Many of us perceive no less a CRISIS at this moment in history. We have plenty of scientific commentary on the disastrous effects of mining the Canadian tar sands, and we’re in enough trouble with climate change right now, without aggregiously worsening the situation.

    If we needed the “Manhattan Project” to save us from impending disaster in the 1940’s, I believe we urgently need a “Solar Manhattan Project” to save us from what will become an unfolding disaster which can’t be managed — out-of-control global-warming/climate change.

    We have a perfect model for bringing solar energy into the ‘mainstream energy picture’ in the U.S. — perhaps for bringing it into the position of being the foremost energy source. The perfect model is The Manhattan Project — the one which brought us the atom bomb.

    When you REALLY MAKE A COMMITMENT TO SOMETHING — you pull out all the stops — put in ONE PLACE all the best creative minds, the necessary funding and every conceivable material which may be called for. You provide the space, the nurturing and every conceivable incentive.

    We NEED A ‘SOLAR MANHATTAN PROJECT’ because we just can’t go on powering the world with fossil fuels if WE WANT TO LIVE ON THIS PLANET.

    I’ve created a new website and have 1 page of it up on the Internet. It’s called Soladaritycity.com. It calls on the upper echelons of our U.S. Celebrity Community to step up to the plate and STAND FOR SOLAR.

    I have to learn how to use WordPress to create the interactive features of the website. I’m learning every step of the way — and the entire idea began — as many things do — as a fantasy, or you can call it a “dream.” But the fact that it started as a dream doesn’t make me believe in it any less.

    We need some VOICES that are listened to — voices of “luminaries” in our society — to step forward right now and turn the ignition switch “ON” for an enormous PUSH toward a Solar/Wind/Clean/Green Energy future. WE NEED IT NOW!

    And today, I stumbled across two videos on the internet of Bill Gates discussing aspects of Solar and other Green-Energy implementation. Now there’s a gentleman with a Foundation which could initiate a Solar Manhattan Project!!!

  2. April 29, 2012 at 12:37 am #

    Oops — that’s SOLARDARITYCITY.com NOT SOLADARITY … my bad

  3. April 29, 2012 at 1:30 am #

    yes, we need the “fighters against” to stop insanity in it’s tracks AND we need the “creators for” who can show us better paths forward. Thanks for your dream, and best wishes!

  4. April 29, 2012 at 2:01 am #

    Lovely to meet you, albeit in ‘cyberspace.’ 🙂 Namaste Linda

  5. maxmtran
    April 29, 2012 at 3:01 pm #

    may our common dreams be realized soon!

  6. Suzie Epstein
    April 29, 2012 at 5:18 pm #

    Very well written from a very well-read, thought provoking person who offers deep insight and compassion to our world, our environment and our people. Who takes a stand for what is right and who strives to help create a world where all humanity can benefit from the wealth of our society without creating harm to our environment and/or others.

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