This is an invitation to aspiring/budding social media wizards

This is an invitation to aspiring/budding social media wizards

to work, learn and play with a dynamic international collective

of Occupy supporter activists, academics, and artists

and to co-invent, co-create, nourish & promote

cultural performances of consequence,

in hybrid (online/off-line) media

for and by the movement.

We are seeking like-minded associates as well as friends, who  understand that we must be active participants in the process and have FUN as we co-create the new world emerging!!!

Come to work and play with us, with a focus on spreading the word and feeding the channels of social interconnections around all the news, blogs, articles, video, audio, photos and more that you will find on our growing site.


This is a situation for someone who can commit to a minimum of 1 hr/day, for a period of 3 to 6 months, working remotely. As we’re still a small group, the person will be working closely with the editors on the team and will contribute directly and significantly to our activities.

  • Share news from FoO daily via facebook, twitter and other social networks our latest blog posts
  • Instigate and promote conversations about FoO content, and alert the team about their newsworthy highlights
  • Develop our Facebook and Google Plus pages in collaboration with the editors, propose new innovations that can take the use of those pages to the next level.
  • Interact with other Occupy-related websites and where possible, reference FoO posts that can support them

Please note that those tasks do not constitute a “job description” that you have to fit in. If you have appetite to help with any of them or invent other ways of promoting The Future of Occupy, that would be cool!

To express your interest and to find out more please contact mark[at]thefutureofoccupy[dot]org

In Solidarity,

the FoO Collective


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3 Comments on “This is an invitation to aspiring/budding social media wizards”

  1. March 13, 2012 at 9:39 pm #

    I am very interested in being involved.

    • March 13, 2012 at 11:46 pm #

      Mike, I enjoyed reading your interview and much appreciated your thoughts: “It took 100 years for the slaves to get civil rights. This movement is only a month old; that fight is still going on. So this fight is going to go on for a long time. It may go on longer than you and I are on this planet.”

      We are also here for the long haul, however long it takes! How is Occupy doing in San Diego? Do you guys have GAs and WGs? How did become the site of the Ocean Beach Rag?
      What is your experience/interest in working with social media, if any? By the way, you don’t have to have it. We offer many ways to get involved with our work.

      • March 15, 2012 at 1:21 am #

        Thank you George, I sometimes forget the interviews and all of the media attention we got.I believe it’s time to get to the hard work of building a solid foundation from the youthful enthusiasm we grew from.

        The bad news is “Occupy” has some deep problems here is San Diego. The good news is there are many people who are ready, willing, and able waiting on the sidelines who believe in what OWS represents. I prefer to carry the message and not the mess so I won’t go into details here and now but I will give some general insights. I hope that others who have been through the same growing pains will comment. The wisdom is in the group.

        The website URL is owned by someone I don’t know and we have had a great deal of controversy over it. We’ve also had a great deal of controversy over the facebook pages. The “media committee” which I served on from my first days has been disjointed at best.
        The main issue continues to be a split in people and philosophy. There are still GAs. but the greater population of working middle class have no interest in the militant, homeless, teenage, and addicts that make up the majority on the G.A. on a regular attendees.

        Also the split in philosophy as caused people to go in different directions as well. We all agree with the political autonomy of “Occupy” however here in San Diego we have some clear supporters of Occupy solutions who are running as Democrats. One such race is for mayor. The current front runner is (R) City councilman Carlo DeMaio. A true servant of the one percent! Verses Congressman Bob Filner (D-San Diego). Bob was a proud member of the Freedom Riders. He was one of the youngest to join the cause. “I was 18. We did this thing and we changed the whole legal structure of America. The sense that change is possible has been with me since. This guy was Occupy fifty years before “Occupy” He has served in congress for years without getting rich from it.

        I have set up Facebook pages (Occupy Greater San Diego) to provide an alternative to the animosity to the group page. I have set up a few web sites. That is the extent of my experience, but I am willing to be a hub for networking and information from and to San Diego.

        Thank you for all you’re doing.

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