An inspiring plan of action for broadening the social base of the movement

An intriguing suggestion was published in the blog of  Tina Louise, a supporter of Occupy London, which, if it was taken up, could have significant impact of broadening the social base of the movement and reach more of the 99%. Its significance is amplified by the the fact that it was posted at a time when more and more Occupiers recognize that we need to do more for engaging the rest of the 99% with frank, co-creative conversations. Correspondingly, there are plans in Occupy London for preparing workshops to train speakers to give presentations in schools, colleges and other organisations who keep inviting people from the movement to speak about Occupy. That’s the context, in which Tina’s ideas seems extremely timely.

Noam Chomsky said:
“You can’t achieve significant initiatives without a large, active, popular base. It’s necessary to get out into the country and help people understand what the Occupy movement is about — what they themselves can do, and what the consequences are of not doing anything.

Organizing such a base involves education and activism. Education doesn’t mean telling people what to believe — it means learning from them and with them.”

OCCUPY Presentations

-To enrich people’s understanding of what the OCCUPY movement is, how it functions and what sort of problems it is confronting in society.

-To enrich the OCCUPY movement with fresh insights and contributions by more people.

An interactive presentation about the movement that can be delivered by anyone with knowledge of OCCUPY. The presentation would be effective if given from – or accompanied by – a tent : )

A tent, an OCCUPIER and a *presentation pack.


The Presentation Pack would be designed to show how Occupy functions ie: hand signals, workgroups, General Assemblies etc. and include time for questions and answers. The presentation would lead to a proposal that those participating would come up with by posing an appropriate question or topic that will get the participants working in groups, facilitating, presenting their conclusions, proposing and finding consensus.

There could be two types of opportunity for OCCUPY Presentations – PLANNED OCCUPIES where we have scheduled in advance with the host (school, workplace, group etc) and FLASH OCCUPIES where we simply appear somewhere (shopping mall, street, park, civic building etc.) and get a crowd.


Planned/Staged Occupies:

OCCUPY ASSEMBLY – for schools/colleges etc. either in assemblies for the whole school or a select year, class etc.

OCCUPY GROUPS – for youth groups, drug user groups, volunteer groups etc.

OCCUPY STAFF MEETINGS – for nurses, hotel staff, shop workers etc. as part of their scheduled staff meetings

Flash Occupies:

OCCUPY Shopping Malls

OCCUPY Town Hall entrances

OCCUPY the street (any street)

OCCUPY alongside an event like a fair, market etc.

With proper preparation, the planned Occupy presentations that Tina wrote about could easily evolve into pop-up Assemblies if they included a question or topic that can inspire participants to work in groups, present their conclusions, propose and find consensus. As they say in Britain, the proof of the pudding is in eating it. To turn Tina’s concept of OCCUPY Presentations into reality, a small group of Occupiers would need to prototype it. Any taker?

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7 Comments on “An inspiring plan of action for broadening the social base of the movement”

  1. January 15, 2012 at 1:05 am #

    Inspired by reading Tina Louise’s blogpost, I imagined how the movement could power up itself by shifting from the leaderless to a “leader-full” model, where all of us recognised our innate leadership abilities. This is a leadership that doesn’t require followership. Somebody called it “servant leadership.”

    We are the emerging leaders of the future as it shapes itself through us and our capability to help all of the the 99% to become leaders.
    Wouldn’t that be truly amazing? We have a good chance to achieve that if those from amongst us who understand what it takes to be a leader offer their skills to train everyone. I have a feeling that there are many innovative thinkers and new kind of leaders among us, who would be willing to train others to become facilitators and community leaders themselves.

  2. Julie
    January 15, 2012 at 9:52 am #

    2012 should be devoted to education, with help from our talented Occupiers.
     “Governments don’t represent the people, Occupy does.”

  3. January 15, 2012 at 11:13 am #

    Occupy is dead in the water. It’s biggest problem is that it tried to pull everyone (the so-called 99%) into its remit, which offended 98% of us, especially those of us from the radical working class right. You need to accept that without coercion, propaganda and concentration camps you’ll only ever appeal to about 5% of the people – and the uneducated ones at that.

  4. January 15, 2012 at 5:52 pm #

    This is a morale booster for Occupy. Many of those at StPauls have given up a lot to be there, and round about now are starting to feel stressed. No one has the right to dismiss Occupiers as lazy without checking the facts properly!

    It is hardly surprising that after 3 months of freezing camping onsite, some people there are in need of some TLC, i reckon. As well as a reminder of just how much has been achieved, thanks to all the hard work.

    An inspiring blog, so thank you.

  5. January 15, 2012 at 7:17 pm #

    Thank you Anna, Julie and lopcute for your supportive comments! Please do what you can to turn Tina’s vision into reality.

    We approved Steve’s comments also but we’re not going to make it an editorial policy to give voice to self-declared radical right-wingers, working class or not. This time we published it as a reminder that those voices do exist and they are not only in the 1%. That just underlines the huge amount of educational work waiting to be done…

  6. Jane
    January 16, 2012 at 9:05 am #

    I think Tina Louise’s suggestion is fantastic. I have not been involved in the Occupy movement in any way (apart from a brief visit to the Bristol camp on College Green) but every time I pass them and think of all the others worldwide who have camped in really cold conditions because of these important beliefs about the current state of the world, I feel really proud. I am a working class mum bringing up a daughter on my own being paid low wages in a number of jobs. I totally disagree with Steve above…I certainly don’t need coercion or concentration camps to appeal to me.
    So many people are aware of the Occupy movement. Yes there really does need to be a way for us all to become involved in building something, and for me if there were a way to carry on in my jobs and do something part time that would be useful, I would be very likely to get involved.

  7. January 16, 2012 at 11:21 am #

    Dear Jane,

    Heartfelt thank you for adding your precious voice to this important conversation! I say “precious” because it’s not only your voice but of the millions working class mums who feel that the Occupy is fighting for them too and want to bring their support it.

    In fact, you’re already doing it, just by gifting The Future of Occupy and our readers with your comment. It’s a gift because it allows others in similar situation to feel that they are not alone. It is certainly a gift to the editorial team of FoO because it sends us a touching reminder of a big part of why we are spending the day and night on building the content of FoO and making it more useful. It is about supporting you and all of you reading this to support the Movement.

    Jane, unfortunately, after the eviction of Occupy Bristol this weekend you won’t be able to see them as you pass them. However, I trust that the Occupy Wall Street motto that we prefaced this month’s newsletter with “Occupy will never die; Evict us, we multiply!” will be true in Bristol too. You can already get in touch with some of the upcoming projects, e.g.: Bristol 2050: the people’s plan, participate in their Open Space meeting in the Trinity Centre, Sat 21st Jan, 2-4 pm.

    You can also support Occupy, just by reading FoO and commenting on whatever inspires you, thus contributing to the unfolding conversations here, which can help our collaborative learning leading to more collaborative action…

    Have a great week and i hope to see you back online soon!


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