Occupy 2.0! – Take Back The Commons!

The origin of this post appeared on the Democractic Underground message board, under the title “Saturday December 17th Occupy 2.0! Take Back The Commons!

Taking back the commons is exactly what occupying stands for. It goes far deeper than corporate personhood or the corruption of politics by money.The country belongs to its people. The world belongs to its people. But the ultimate agenda of the forces we are opposing is to privatize everything — and then rent it out to us at extortionate rates.The means that occupying is not just about holding space as a form of civil disobedience. It’s about reclaiming the commons, one inch at a time if necessary.

And it’s about reclaiming cultural space as well — which is why SOPA and “intellectual property” issues are so important. The corporate forces have been privatizing our myths and our dreams as well, and we have to either take those back or create new myths and new dreams that they cannot touch.


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