Occupy Together (Australia) Statement

Occupy Together (Australia) Statement

We are calling for a nation wide peaceful occupation across Australia on November 5. This movement to Occupy Together is in solidarity with people in over 2000 locations worldwide who will also be occupying together for human need not corporate greed on November 5.

We believe the basic needs of 99% of the global population are continually being ignored by governments who instead cater for the richest 1% of corporations who control most of the world’s wealth.

We also believe that in this time of global economic uncertainty people will have to come together to share ideas, food, water and power rather than allow these things to divide us. We are calling on people from all walks of life to walk together and Occupy Together on November 5. All are welcome regardless of their occupations, race, religion, sexuality, gender or political persuasions.

We are not just one political idea or one organisation. We are many ideas and many organisations coming together to call for a better world based on human need not corporate greed. We are the 99%. You are the 99%. Let us Occupy Together on November 5.

Peace. Love. Unity.
Occupy Together.

Occupy Together National Statement was not written by any one person but many people. It has been officially endorsed by the General Assemblies of Occupy Brisbane, Occupy Melbourne and Occupy Sydney with vocal support from occupiers in Perth, Cairns, Darwin, Hobart and Canberra. If you are occupying in another location in Australia on November 5 take this statement along to your Occupation and get it endorsed.

Reposted from OccupySydney.org.au at: http://www.occupysydney.org.au/about/


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