Occupy Sydney Statement

Inspired by the Arab Spring revolutions and Occupy movements blossoming on Wall St, across the US and throughout Europe, activists in Sydney gathered on Saturday 15th October 2011 at Martin Place, Sydney, at 2.30pm to launch the Occupy Sydney movement. It intended to camp out indefinitely in the Sydney CBD, to organise, discuss and build a movement for a better world, truly democratic, in an attempt to raise awareness and the support of the 99% of the population to reclaim the power currently held by the super-rich “1%” individuals and corporations.

Who we are

We are the workers; we are the indebted; we are the immigrants and the indigenous; we are the homeless; we are the students; we are the unemployed; we are the under represented people of the world.
We are the 99%! We are Occupy Sydney!

Why we are here

The resistance around the world against corrupt governments and the devastating effects of the global financial crisis has exposed the realities of the world in which we live. We live in a world where we produce a surplus of food, and yet millions of children starve. We live in a world where the 1% that created the financial crisis are bailed out and rewarded, while the 99% pay the price
through their wages, their houses and their pensions.
We live in a country that has never been so unequal, and our environment has never been so devastated.

What we will achieve

The events of Tunisia and Egypt, the events beginning in Greece, in Spain and in the United States show us that united in action, the 99% can change the world and determine the type of society we want to live in.
We are part of a movement that aims to connect the important struggles now happening both here in Australia, around the world and is creating a new path towards a society based on the needs and the democratic participation of all.
We extend our hand, we invite you to join us because we all are the 99%! We are Occupy Sydney!

Occupy Sydney Unifying Statement:

  • We act in solidarity with protests and occupations that have occurred and are occurring in New York and other US cities, Spain, Greece, Egypt and other cities around the world.
  • We are the 99%.
  • The system is broken.
  • A better world is possible.
  • Human need, not corporate greed!

Occupy Sydney activists encourage all those who want to see a better world to come along and join the peaceful occupation. The occupation runs general assemblies —mass democratic meetings— held periodically in Martin Place and other areas in Sydney, for discussing about what is wrong with this system, how we can change it, and the organisation of the occupation itself.

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